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Lego 71000 Minifigures Series 9 Forest Maiden

Producent: Lego
Waga: 0.2 kg
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89,00 zł / szt.

LEGO 71000 Minifigures Series 9 Forest Maiden

“You can seek. but you won’t find me!”

The spirited Forest Maiden often played in the deep woods as a child. and now that she’s grown up. she knows each root and branch by heart. As a member of the Forestman’s merry band. she can slip silently into the trees and shadows to disappear from sight…but her greatest skill lies in building traps.

From rope snares hidden in the grass to wooden cages that drop down from above. the Forest Maiden knows the best way to capture any creature that might invade her woods or threaten her home and friends. And if an enemy should happen to avoid her traps. then watch out – her bow and shield aren’t just for decoration!

Kod EAN/ISBN 2000000027845