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Lego 71000 Minifigures Series 9 Roller Derby Girl

Producent: Lego
Waga: 0.2 kg
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 (5 szt.)
69,00 zł / szt.

LEGO 71000 Minifigures Series 9 Roller Derby Girl

“Can’t stop now – I’m on a roll!”

When the Roller Derby Girl starts speeding along on her skates. nothing slows her down – and nothing had better get in her way! She’ll zoom right through any obstacle. large or small. leaving rival players spinning dizzily in her wake. It’s a skill that has made her one of the best roller derby scorers around. The only downside? Once she really gets going. she just can’t stop herself!

When the game is done. she skates right through the door and through the city. rolling faster and faster as she goes. Soon she’s a red and blue blur. leaving scorch marks on the road in her wake. By the time the Roller Derby Girl finally manages to slow down. she might be in another town or another country. Once she even found herself on a whole different continent!

Kod EAN/ISBN 2000000027777